Omneity - Pellets
Omneity - Pellets
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Omneity - Pellets

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Omneity is a pelleted supplement designed to provide every horse with optimal, balanced nutrition using natural, earth-grown ingredients.

Addressing everything from hoof and hair quality to digestive health to energy metabolism, thousands of horses have seen incredible results with Omneity Premix.

Why use Omneity 
Complete mineral and vitamin premix
Balanced to provide all necessary nutrients in a forage-only diet or compliment a grain feeding program.

Complete B-vitamin fortification
Biotin levels clinically proven to improve hoof quality.
Stress, high grain diets and intense exercise all reduce hind gut production of B-vitamins, the complete profile ensures adequate supply.

100% organic/chelated trace minerals
Inorganic minerals commonly used can negatively interact with each other, reducing absorption. They have also been shown to inhibit digestive enzyme activity.

Enzymes, amino acids & live yeast culture
Improves digestion and prevents digestive upset.


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