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Collection: Cowboy boots

Boulet Inc. employs more than 160 persons with an average of 15 years of experience. Our continuous investments in their training ensure the quality of our workmanship.

Our hand crafted boots are proudly manufactured by dedicated and skillful craftsmen. The exceptional ability of our employees is one of the reasons Boulet footwear is renowned for high quality.

Our raw materials are carefully selected to ensure that our boots will have fine quality, be comfortable and durable. We pay particular attention to the leathers being used that are produced by tanneries in America and in Europe.


Side Welt

Seams and quarters are bevelled and stiched from the inside, trimmed close and pressed flat for better appearance and comfort.


Vamp Fitting Stitch

Multi-row stiching using attractive nylon thread gives the entire boot more strength and durability.



The front foot of the boot that covers the toes and instep is stretched for perfect fit.


Toe Bo

The toe area is moulded onto the shape of the last for perfect shape and protection.



A stiff piece treated for best quality is inserted inside the boot to give the heel area an excellent support.


Goodyear Welt

A quality Goodyear leather welt, especially treated for the best resistance, is sewn to the leather outsole with a strong interlocking stitch.


Stell Shank

A strong steel shank, shaped for the exact fit of the arch, is utilized to give the Boulet boot comfort and support.


Cork Pad

A pad made with compact cork, between leather insole and leather outsole, gives more comfort and better insulation. The insole will progressively mould to the shape of your foot.



One row of pegs firmly locks the shank area.


Back Quarters

A piece of leather is sewn to the upper back of the boot for additional support.

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