Excel Rescue Salve
Excel Rescue Salve
Excel Rescue Salve
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Excel Rescue Salve

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Help Horses Recover Faster and Heal Better

Excel Rescue salve promotes healing of scratche, minor cut and open wound, fungus, cinch soreness. Horse Care salve with Omega 3 6 9 made with Excel EQ oil and pure beeswax, honey and avocado oïl

heals skin in record time and promotes new hair growth


    Excel Rescue at work
      Look at the results this customer is having with our Rescue Salve


June 4th my husband cut this little filly out of our barbed wire fence. She was a Rescue we saved from the kill pen at Christmas, so she had not been handled much prior to this injury.
June 4-16 ~ cold hosed 4 times a day for 5-8 minutes a time. Started antibiotics immediately and treated for 3 weeks straight. 3 inches of bone was exposed. Had ExcelEQ on hand so started adding that to her grain. Treated pain with Bute as needed.
June 15 ~ at this point all I could do was spray the purple antiseptic on.
June 16 ~ started applying Excel Rescue Salve. I couldn’t wrap wound as filly wouldn’t allow. Twice daily I would go out apply the cream liberally to the entire wound, it was pretty amazing it actually kept the flys away.
June 18 ~ just 2 days of the Excel Rescue Salve! Pretty Amazing!!!
July 12 ~ I started using betadine/sugar mixture to treat some of the granulation tissue that was developing! At this point the filly would let me wrap her leg. Treated with betadine/sugar for 3 days straight, it worked beautifully. Lots and lots of drainage!!!
July 15 ~ started wrapping the leg with the Excel Rescue Salve. I still give 2oz of ExcelEQ on her grain everyday too.

~~ ExcelEQ it works. And is proven over and over again.  Do you want to be caught in your barn without it? ~~

ExcelRescue is the magic combination to provide maximum healing power. While ExcelRescue is at work on the wound ExcelEQ is working within the horses body to assure the immune system has the needed boost to fight and the Vitamin E as well as Omega 3 within the horses body aid in the healing process.

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