Ocean Equine by Lozana

Ocean Equine by Lozana

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Ocean Equine by Lozana is a horse care product made of  a nique blend of 8 different Seaweeds that will strenghten and improve your horse's health and well-being. Made of 100% bio seaweeds.

See further benefits and descriptions below.

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Ocean Equine by Lozana

Principal advantages:

•Improved conditioning and coat sheen
•Increased Stamina and performance
•Stimulates appetite
•Quick recovery
•Improved fertility
•Healthier gut
•Protects stomach wall
•Increased nutrient absorption
•A natural anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-ulcer and antibiotic
•Protects immune system
•Strengthens hooves - natural vitamin B12

Ocean Equine offers a unique and holistic approach to equine nutrition. Recommended for all horse breeds, ages and workloads. We strive for stamina, not adrenalin.

After 15 years of research in bioactive molecules from seaweed, Ocean Harvest Technology developed a unique formulation from 8 different seaweeds called Ocean Equine in order to provide all the beneficial molecules while keeping iodine levels low.

Ocean Harvest uses unique bioactives cell polysaccharides amongst others which are only found in specific seaweeds.

Specific compounds only found in Ocean Equine.
 All these compounds promote gut health.

•Lectins, Phycobiliproteins, peptides and functional amino acids such as hydroxyproline
•Carrageenan, agars, Rhamnose sulphate and other short chain oligosaccharides
•Specific Antioxidants, and pigments such as Phyocyanin and Phycoerythrin
•Long chained Fatty Acids

Feeding Instructions 

Foals : 1/3 Scoop (15gms) Daily

Ponies : 2/3 Scoop (30gms) Daily

Adult Horses : 1 Scoop (45gms) Daily