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Visceral+ is a comprehensive gut formula
 to maintain your horse’s stomach and hindgut health. Visceral+ supports the function of the immune system, is competition safe, and is recommended by veterinarians.

Why use Visceral+?
The incidence of gastric ulceration has been reported to exceed 95% in performance horses, and a large proportion of pleasure horses have been found to have gastric ulcers.

Visceral works in 4 ways to maintain balance in the digestive system:
1. Supports Natural Healing Processes
A scientifically formulated combination of ingredients that works with your horse’s natural biology to maintain a healthy intestinal lining.

2. Nutritional Building Blocks
Visceral+ is a nutraceutical formula that contains natural ingredients that support your horse’s microbiome and stomach tissue.

3. Complete Protection
The stomach represents only 8% of the total digestive system. That leaves a lot of other areas for something to go wrong. Visceral+ contains ingredients that support your horse’s entire gastrointestinal tract, including the hindgut.

4. Supports the Immune System
Upwards of 70% of the immune system is driven by the gut and Visceral+ helps support immune function to reduce pathogen load which can contribute to ulcers.

Visceral+ is clinically tested
Horses brought to the clinic to be scoped for gastric ulcers were enrolled in the study, with the owners consent, if they presented with obvious ulcers or hyperkeratosis. The horses were treated with GastroGard for 15–30 days. Visceral+ was supplemented one to two weeks prior to cessation of the GastroGard treatment and for another 30 days without GastroGard. All horses were re-scoped at the end of 60 days. All horses showed improvement to complete healing at the end of 60 days.

Visceral+ was developed as a pelleted supplement that is safe to give horses with gastric ulcers. It works with the body to naturally support stomach and hindgut health, maintaining normal immune defenses against ulcers and other forms of digestive upsets.


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