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ABOUT HANSBO SPORT ICM TECHNOLOGY The Hansbo Sport ICM series combines many years of expertise in equestrian products with innovative healing technology that targets vulnerable areas of the horse that are sensitive during and after hard work. While focused on rehabilitation, our latest product line is also designed for optimal fit, function and style. Hansbo Sport ICM wraps, rugs, boots, saddle pads and harnesses work by generating their own heat, giving the horse a greater feeling of wellbeing and helping to prevent injuries. It is well known that heat accelerates healing in joint disorders. Heat has long been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis as well as muscle aches and injuries, and problems in tendons and ligaments. Clinical studies have more recently shown that ceramic material placed against the skin activates infrared waves from body heat in specific areas to aid in healing. Infrared waves accelerate blood circulation in the body, so-called deep heat. Heat-sensitive nerves are activated, which reduces muscle tension and stimulates the body to emit endorphins, creating a sense of wellbeing. As the processes interact, the effect of the infrared waves reaches deeper into the body and can also have a positive effect on inflammation. Use of ceramic fabrics can increase blood flow by up to 80% and reduce muscle spasms. Increased blood circulation speeds up healing in skin and muscle, as well as bones. HANSBO SPORT ICM FEATURES TWO INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES: CERMIC IC AND CERAMIC/MAGNETIC ICM. Supporting a horse’s wellbeing helps it to perform at its peak. Regular use of HANSBO SPORT ICM enables a faster recovery period after exercise. Hansbo Sport ICM products should be used cautiously at first to allow your horse to get used to the ceramic and magnetic effects of the fabric. Not to be used when pregnant.
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