V22 Technology

How it works

The Lami-Cell brand products with the V22 technology are made with a neoprene base with a jersey lining. This technology uses embossed channeling to ensure quick absorption of sweat to avoid excess heat. Compared to traditional leg protections made from traditional neoprene that retains heat but does not absorb water.

On the left, a large volume of water is applied to the V22 material, on the right we see that the tissue absorbed the water in only 3 seconds.

The Ventex 22 range is made from durable medical materials. This material is very resistant. Its compression effect makes it possible to give the animal a 360-degree support to optimize the support of tendons and cannons.
Products with V22 technology are distinguished by the speed of drying which allows to quickly evacuate the heat while remaining a very breathable fabric, allowing an optimal comfort for your horse.


Why should we pay attention to the heat on our horse’s legs?

According to a study done by a team at Middle Tennessee State University in 2021. The study supports the hypothesis that a limb wrapped in a protective boot or bandage undergoing moderate exercise under moderate ambient conditions during exercise can reach damaging temperatures for tendons.

Following this study, Lucas Brock, who presented the results said;

        “Make sure to use the correct materials to get that risk vs reward booting combination just right.”

-Lucas Brock, university graduate from the Middle Tennessee State University

This technology allows to protect the horse from the impacts on the limbs that occur during training. While reducing the risk of excess heat, which is harmful to tendons and ligaments. This product line includes leg boots, knee boots as well as cinches.



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